Evergreen Lake - Wonderful Waterfowl

Evergreen Lake

On an exceptionally beautiful morning at Evergreen Lake, a dusting of fresh snow was hard evidence of a cold night. As the transition to winter gradually occurs, the last bit of open water was vanishing beneath a veil of thin ice.

Clouds of moist air began to disperse but they diffused the low light, resulting in an effect of milky atmosphere. Usually during the quiet season, you won’t glimpse a single soul in the vacant wetlands but on that day we observed a pair of wonderful waterfowl.

Perched on a rocky outcrop, a double-crested cormorant was drying its wings down below the dam’s spillway. Distinguished by piercing blue eyes, this prehistoric-looking creature was probably just passing through while on his way to a much warmer place.

Around on the far end of the blue reservoir, we encountered one of my favorite species, the American dipper. It was a pleasant surprise because I normally see this chunky, little bird farther downstream feeding in the fast-flowing current.

This incredible year-round resident spends its entire life on the water and it has the fortitude to withstand the coldest temperatures nature can conceive. The outgoing ouzel danced a bobbing jig on the rocky shoreline before completely submerging into the frigid pond.

It had been a while since we visited the preserve but we found the lake displaying its full splendor. Fortunately, the entire morning’s events were faithfully reflected on a fluid canvas which allowed me to record a few frozen moments in time.

A beautiful morning at Evergreen Lake

The transition to winter

A veil of thin ice

Vacant Wetlands

Double-crested cormorant

Piercing blue eyes

A prehistoric looking creature

Just passing through

A chunky, little bird

Spends most of its life on water

A bobbing dance

A frozen moment in time


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