Genesee Mountain - Bursting with Beauty

Genesee Mountain trail

When heading up out of Denver, the first big peak you’ll encounter is the wonderful Genesee Mountain. A network of well-worn trails spirals around its flanks, taking you all the way to the top.

On a cold November morning the colors are dull and gray but the spectacular setting is classic Colorado foothills. The steep, grassy slopes are golden ochre and covered by an old-growth forest of ponderosa pine.

Erected at the precipice, a sturdy flagpole flys an American flag that’s tattered from the constant barrage of blowing wind. The historic guidon is a beacon of national pride and it’s determined flight is a symbol of the pioneer spirit.

Every Flag Day since 1911, an organization called the Daughters of the American Revolution has replaced the shredded banner with a new recruit. Off towards the west a patriotic path, inspired by the Stars and Stripes, descends gradually into a wide open meadow.

After you break out of the woodland, you can get right up close to a fence that encloses another western icon, the buffalo. A large herd of these impressive creatures roams majestically all over the pasture’s rolling hills.

Just a few miles from home, it’s interesting to view the town of Evergreen from such a unique perspective. You can see all the recognizable landmarks but mighty Bergen Peak is surprisingly dwarfed by the snow-capped Mount Evans Massive.

Genesee Mountain Park is often overlooked by those traveling I-70 to the Rockies’ more exotic locales. The truth is, though, that this underrated area bursts with just as much beauty as almost anywhere else in the state.

Wonderful Genesee Mountain

A spectacular setting

Classic Colorado

Steep, ochre slopes

An old-growth forest

American flag at the summit

Buffalo roam these hills

Bergen Peak and Mount Evans

Bursting with beauty


  1. Beautiful photography and a delightful story. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much. We enjoyed visiting this often overlooked but beautiful park.


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