Goliath Peak - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Goliath Peak" Colored Pencil

Indiscriminate with its wrath, Goliath Peak is a ferocious summit controlling entry into the Mount Evans Massive. Expressed in the composition above, a casual climb is transfigured into a crippling circumstance of chaos and confusion.

And so it begins just below tree line where sinister, black pine are guardians of the gateway to Gehenna. Jumbled across the foreground, patches of muted color are arranged in strange, interlocking shapes.

At the far end of the earth, blue mountains are an impenetrable barrier compressing the space into a suffocating picture plane. Silvery green in the summer, the hulking behemoth looms above but it’s not quite as close as it appears.

Gnarled, gray snags are twisted in front of the darkest darks as their pale presence is a painful reminder of our certain mortality. Hopefully, the most recent storm has passed as promised by broken clouds that disperse across the steel-blue sky.

Reaching the top is a back busting, breathtaking endeavor but the ramifications of exerting such effort results in a horrendous heart break. Seemingly secure for now, the mental adversity is the biggest obstacle.

There’s still plenty of time and lots to be done so this landscape is just another step in the healing process. Maybe this drawing will be therapeutic in alleviating the anxiety that has been so difficult to overcome.


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    1. Thank you Claudine! I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope your artwork is coming along and all is well.


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