Mount Sneffels Summer - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Mount Sneffels Summer" Colored Pencil

Situated in southwestern Colorado, Mount Sneffels is a spectacular precipice rising out of the San Juan Mountain Range. Looming above a field of vigorous dandelions and rolling foothills, the solemn monarch prevails over all comers.

It's a pleasant summer evening and the setting sun bathes the scene in a peaceful ambiance that seems to permeate the entire area. Low, evening light floods in from the west creating strong shadows that define the rugged portrait of this beautiful peak.

The picturesque scenery is lit by a golden hearth that burns from within so a warm undertone continues to show through even after successive layers of color are added. The result is a landscape drawing that glows with cheerful optimism.

The lower section is bursting with bright yellow while blue shadows define the rigid structure of the impressive Rocky Mountains. The thoughtful design is influenced by the fact that elements filled with warm colors appear closer to the eye than those elements filled with cooler colors.

By taking advantage of this principle, the drawing is instilled with a nice sense of space. Warm colors are used in the foreground and gradually cooler colors as the picture recedes into the distance, creating an illusion of depth that captures the vast expanse of this special place.

Mount Sneffels and its range of rugged peaks pierce a smooth, summer sky while a few soft clouds occupy the infinite airspace as they slowly drift past. Blue tones from above are carried down below, unifying the entire composition with common hues.

Several different pigments have been layered over the top of each other creating a vibrant tapestry of deeper, more interesting color. When viewed from a distance, the jumbled mosaic fuses together in the viewer's eye.

Dominating the rugged skyline, Mount Sneffels is the undisputed focal point of the composition. Aesthetically, the apex of this pretty peak is placed in the compositional sweet spot according to the guidelines laid out by the golden ratio.

The complex arrangement of peaks has been transformed into austere forms of light and shade. This intentional simplification gives Mount Sneffels an imposing presence and the heightened contrast at it's summit will hopefully catch hold of the viewer's attention.

If you’re interested in learning more about the step-by-step process involved in drawing landscapes with colored pencil, please check out this link: Draw Landscapes


  1. so gorgeous !
    greetings from Luxembourg

    1. Thanks so much Claudine. I hope all is well and Merry Christmas. I miss seeing your work on Twitter. Please keep in touch. Thanks!

  2. Soo beautiful. I absolutely love your work it is soo gorgeous. The colours you put into this canvas are soo bright and vibrant. The picture looks soo alive


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