Evergreen Lake - A Washed Landscape

A washed landscape

On a soggy, spring morning at Evergreen Lake, a steady rain came pouring down out of the slate-blue sky. The relentless drizzle soaked anyone resolved enough to stray outside in the drenched domain.

The surrounding mountains were shrouded in a dense mist that blocked the early morning sunlight. The water’s smooth surface was broken by raindrops that created small ripples in the silky reflections.

The pleasant reservoir was formed 90 years ago when Bear Creek was dammed just above the old downtown. This time of year there’s a furious deluge that flows over the modest spillway.

On such a dreary day there wasn’t much wildlife to be seen but there were some bird species that seemed to thrive in the wet weather. Red-winged blackbirds didn’t miss a beat and the Canada geese were out in full force.

Near the shoreline, a few fat goslings tried to stay dry by nestling under their mother’s outstretched wing. A colorful kingfisher buzzed about while a hooded merganser swam in the narrow inlet.

Walking around the lake in less than perfect conditions was a wonderful start to the weekend. There was peace to be found in the middle of a storm that washed the landscape and cleansed the soul.

A soggy spring morning

A drenched domain

Shrouded in mist

A pleasant reservoir

A modest spillway

Red-winged blackbird

Canada geese

Goslings under the wing

A cleansed soul


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