Evergreen Overlook - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Evergreen Overlook" Colored Pencil

Out of all of the drawings I’ve ever done, this is one of my favorites. An ambitious project, the composition is larger than usual for me so it took a tremendous amount of time and patience to complete.

It was deeply influenced by master artists such as Benton, Kent and O’Keeffe. The arrangement was thoughtfully simplified in order to capture the essence of our mountain corridor called Evergreen, Colorado.

From the southern slopes of Genesee Mountain, the Front Range foothills are carefully unfurled. Filled with smooth gradations, the billowing landscape is shaded like a piece of wrinkled clothing.

The verdant mountains get gradually lighter and bluer as they recede into the distance. Crowning the rugged skyline, the snowy Mount Evans Massive is partially obscured by low-lying clouds.

The dead ponderosa pine is the focal point as a halo of reflected light glows against the darkest passage. The skeletal structure of the red snag is shown in striking contrast to the lively, green tree that stands behind.

In front, the golden shrubs are overlapping elements that are arranged across the page in an orderly fashion. The row of brush encloses a swath of swirling grasses that lay in all different directions.

Above, a scattering of soft, white clouds stretches thinly across the vibrant blue sky. The upper atmosphere is darker at the top and gradually lightens as it approaches the rugged horizon line.

From such an incredible vantage point the lonesome wilderness yearns for the visitor’s undivided attention. Landmarks like Bergen Peak, Black Mountain and Elephant Butte can be discerned upon close inspection.

The vast expanse of meadows, trees and mountains unfolds before your eyes. This part of Colorado is beautiful countryside brimming with water, wildlife and wildflowers. I’m lucky to call this countryside home.


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