Forest Dwellers - Revealed by First Light

Forest dweller

On a cold, winter morning while traversing a snowy hillside, a couple of hidden creatures was revealed by the day’s first light. A young doe and buck were foraging so quietly in the shadows that they could have been easily missed.

As they must be used to human contact, they never became startled and seemed to be curious about my ability to maintain balance. The north facing slope is always more difficult to negotiate because the shadowed terrain is broken by rock, snow and ice.

The harsh conditions didn’t seem to bother the mule deer as they were completely at ease while grazing in the depths of a dark woodland. It’s a secretive environment described by dense foliage, damp atmosphere and cool temperatures but it’s a safe haven providing security and shelter to all of its forest dwellers.

Completely at ease

Quiet in the shadows

Revealed by first light

A secretive environment


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