Urad Lake - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Urad Lake" Colored Pencil

“Through art we can change the world.” ~ #twitterartexhibit

It’s a warm, summer evening at Urad Lake with skies of steel blue in the low, fading light. Situated at tree-line below the Continental Divide, the high basin is enclosed by a black forest and dense willows.

An aggressive creek and its lively tributaries come roaring down from the high peaks, spilling into the bottom of a narrow valley while forming a fan-shaped reservoir. Filled with this frigid snowmelt, the water is ice cold.

Patches of resilient snow still cling to the red mountainside and the steep, grassy slopes are dotted with tundra wildflowers. Shapes and colors from the surrounding landscape tint the reservoir with shimmering reflections.

The peaceful haven for wildlife is found off the beaten path just past the outskirts of Empire, Colorado. Flush with fresh air and bountiful fish, the tranquil setting is undeniably therapeutic.

Through trial and error, I try to express my admiration for the great outdoors through art with hopes that others will approve of the final product. I want to inspire people to appreciate the same beauty in nature that I do.

Urad Lake is my contribution to the upcoming Twitter Art Exhibit: Scotland. This unique event is an international exhibition of original postcard art supporting Art in Healthcare.       

It is well known that art can have a positive impact on an individual’s health and well being. Art in Healthcare is an Edinburgh based charity whose core aim is to have “a Scotland in which visual art improves health and keeps people well”.

Art in Healthcare works closely with a broad cross section of healthcare providers in hospitals, GP surgeries, community care groups, hospices, healthcare centres and other bodies involved in the provision of healthcare to run a series of carefully tailored art workshops throughout the year.

The programme of art workshops which is led by professional artists and aided by volunteers have grown steadily since 2011 enabling Art in Healthcare to reach a broader cross section of patient groups. In addition the Charity has a large collection of contemporary artwork which is displayed in healthcare premises across Scotland.

Funds raised by TAE19 will enable Art in Healthcare to develop and extend their workshop programme to benefit more people within the healthcare system. All Art In Healthcare’s workshops bring the power of creativity to people in times of need whether in a hospital, care home, community health centre, hospice or any other healthcare setting.

Twitter Art Exhibit: Scotland is the ninth installment of this open international exhibition of handmade postcard art for charity, donated by artists from around the world.

Social media plays a major role in the Twitter Art Exhibit. It is their intention to tweet, share and promote contributing artists to thank them for their participation, and to make this event a success for all involved.

The event will be highly publicized and well attended by art buyers and enthusiasts, members of the press, local artists and the TAE community.

For more information, please check out this link: #twitterartexhibit


  1. Hello Dan,

    What an amazing painting! It feels very realistic!

    1. Thanks so much! Such a beautiful place up on Berthoud Pass.


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