Blue Spring - Wild Weather

Blue Spring

Coming into the month of May and our Blue Spring is distinguished by frosted pine, cool shadows and cobalt skies. Winter is gradually releasing its firm grip and after last week’s big storm maybe the Mad Season will finally let go.

The snow keeps pouring but it falls against mild temperatures, transforming flakes into cold water that tries to seep into the already saturated ground. Oh, it piles up during the dark night but by morning it begins to evaporate at the speed of light.

Walking up through the forest can be a calamity because of the wet, muddy trail and being drenched by a shower of snowmelt spraying down from the tall trees. Wandering back out of the wilderness you’ll find yourself, like the current state of the landscape, dirty and disheveled.

This time of year is marked by dust, wind and wild weather but don’t worry because it’s just a transitional period. Soon, the new leaves, lush grass and colorful wildflowers will make everything in the mountains look fresh and clean again.

Frosted pine, cool shadows and cobalt skies

A big storm

Melting at the speed of light

The mountains will look fresh and clean

The trees spray snowmelt

Winter has not released its grip

Wild weather

It's a transitional period


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