The Endless Winter - Sublime Grandeur

Endless Winter

The month of May is almost over and the Endless Winter continues to lay siege to Evergreen, Colorado. Day after day a merciless system of unyielding snow keeps falling heavy, wet and cold.

All that moisture combined with warm air creates a ghostly fog that circulates mysteriously through the white woodland. Even the most familiar places seem like strange land because the diminished visibility concocts an eerie atmosphere.

The unforgiving stream of storms has wreaked havoc on the plants, animals and people that inhabit this region. The limber pine trees rooted into the mountainsides are erected to withstand this kind of assault but the nesting birds are understandably distressed.

We’re all accustomed to enduring the long winters that dig in at this altitude and these delayed storms are not unheard of. In all my time living here, the latest date on which I’ve witnessed a substantial amount of snow is June 24th.

What appears like a disaster now will be a godsend tomorrow as the luxuriant grasses will host a profusion of wildflowers and the saturated earth will negate the threat of fire. I guess when viewed from that perspective, we should just sit back and enjoy the sublime grandeur that accompanies slow-moving storms like these.

The Endless Winter continues

Unforgiving storms

A strange land

A long winter

Late storms are not unheard of

A merciless system

Erected to withstand an assault

A substantial amount of snow

An eerie atmosphere

A ghostly fog

A white woodland

Sublime grandeur


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