Big Snowmelt - A Burst of Mild Weather

Big snowmelt

In between winter storms, there are short periods of warm sunshine that result in big snowmelt. The snow slides down off of the tree branches dousing the wanderer with a shower of cold water.

During these fleeting bursts of mild weather, treacherous trails into the lonely forest are packed with rocks and ice. If you dare to venture out during this muddy interlude, tread with caution and expect to get wet.

It may not be the most beautiful time of the year but there is a certain elegance inherent to the dull color scheme. The ochres, browns and grays sparkle in the clear light, contrasting sharply with the morning’s dark shadows.

The meadow has been swept clean by a strong, west wind blowing down from the highest peaks. It has been nice to receive a respite from the repeating cycle of historic storms because it gives us some time to document their impact and prepare for the ones still on the way.

In between snowstorms

Morning's dark shadows

A fleeting burst of mild weather

A muddy interlude

A certain elegance

Short periods of warm sunshine

The meadow is windswept

A nice respite

Snow slides off of the branches

Sparkling, clear light

Preparing for more snow


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