The Dedisse Bridge - Into the Wild

The Dedisse Bridge

Hidden discreetly in Bear Creek Canyon, the Dedisse Park Bridge is an arched gateway into the remote shadowlands concealing the north face of the Three Sisters Peaks. The structure easily spans Bear Creek and its simplicity in form and color enable it to blend smoothly into the riparian environment.

Despite its close proximity to the crowded Evergreen Lake, the quiet swale remains relatively unknown to most local citizens. During the summer, bright sunlight streams through the abode and explodes into shattered bits of color, reflecting the excitement and energy found in a vibrant forest.

Wintertime is a much different story as the chilly atmosphere is expressed by a scheme of blues and grays. Big storms stall out over the mountains and fill the narrow gorge with extraordinary amounts of snow.

The lower, clear light still finds a way through the dense foliage creating irregular shadows that perfectly trace the deep, undulating drifts. Composed from a diverse array of boulders, branches and brush, the rugged landscape is completely blanketed in the purest white.

Bear Creek is a powerful force born in the big mountains so even during the harshest winters, it becomes only partially frozen. The frigid water flows persistently through a maze of turquoise ice sheets and sheer black rock.

Descending the gentle, southern slopes, a series of switchbacks is a slippery trail leading down to the stream and its modest crossing. Here, the Dedisse Bridge is a symbolic connection offering passage from civilization into the wild.

Hidden discreetly

The swale remains relatively unknown

A gateway to the shadowlands

Southern slopes lead down to the stream

The creek is partially frozen

A chilly atmosphere

The frigid water is persistent

A rugged landscape

Into the wild


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