Horses - How the West was Won


Out in the panhandle of western Nebraska, where the desolate Sandhills assimilate into the North Platte River Valley, horses seem to outnumber the sparse human population. Circles of corn are scattered throughout the fertile basin but the rugged highlands are reserved as pastureland for cattle and horses.

Sometimes I see them as a solitary creature lost in a vast sea of prairie grasses but usually these social animals are observed in small herds. Horses are curious by nature so sometimes they approach the fence line in order to investigate strange visitors.

Horses spend most of their time grazing contentedly in their idyllic environment but sometimes they become quite playful as they run, buck and roll with enthusiastic delight. Horses are an indisputable symbol of the Great Plains and a beautiful reminder of their importance in how the West was won.

Small herds

Horses outnumber people

North Platte River Valley

Lost in a sea of grass

Symbol of the Great Plains

Grazing contentedly

Curious by nature


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