Mount Vernon Creek Trail - A Forest of Peace

Mount Vernon Creek Trail

The Mount Vernon Creek Trail is an outlying pathway tracing the outer contour of Red Rocks' frontier boundary. It’s early spring so there’s not much foliage but the barren trees stand out sharply against vermillion crags.

While trekking over the rolling terrain, several little streams come tumbling down out of the foothills and flow discreetly into the Mount Vernon. Up out of the valley and a stunning array of sandstone formations dominate the diverse landscape.

During the delightful descent, a hidden gulch is chock full of flowering bushes featuring blossoms of pure white. Back down in the bottomlands far from the crowds above, we follow the cottonwoods and soon find ourselves in a place that feels like our own, little forest of peace.

Diverse landscape

Sandstone formations

Barren trees

A stunning array

Rolling terrain

Early spring

Flowering bushes

Vermillion crags

White blossoms

The frontier boundary

A forest of peace

Mount Vernon Creek valley

A little stream


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