Denver Zoo - A Relaxed Atmosphere

A relaxed atmosphere

On a lazy, summer day at the Denver Zoo, we trekked across the grounds observing animals during their afternoon slumber. Too hot to engage in activity, most of the creatures we saw slept innocently in their comfortable confines.

It always makes me feel bad to see wild animals held captive but in many cases it’s an unfortunate but necessary circumstance. The enclosures’s exotic inhabitants were well cared for and appeared content as they exhibited a friendly, playful attitude.

I enjoyed roaming around the gardens because I could practice taking pictures in a more controlled environment. I was intent on capturing portraits and usually a theme develops which in this case was sleeping animals.

After a busy morning rooting in the mud, red river hogs slept as hard as they live and the king of beasts looked vulnerable as he was laid out casually on a bed of lush grass. In a more touching display, two, tired otters were curled up quietly in a circular position.

While in the reptile sanctuary, seeing sleeping snakes was scary and back outside, observing a kangaroo out cold was just a little bit weird. Big animals, like the elephants and a rhinoceros, dozed during the daylight and came to life during the cool before dark.

All in all, visiting the place during such a peaceful calm made for a pretty laid back afternoon. It was a good day as I walked several miles, shot lots of photos and inspired by the relaxed atmosphere, went home and took a nap.

King of beasts

A peaceful calm

Practice taking pictures

Elephants dozed

Animals seemed content

Kangaroo out cold

Capturing portraits

Sleeping innocently

A good day

A touching display

Snakes are scary


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