Elk Meadow - The Cycle of Life

The cycle of life

After this fall’s first snow, pleasant reflections of more comforting times wrestle with an overwrought mind. The former glory of a vivacious Elk Meadow and its adjacent woodland is now nothing but a bittersweet memory.

The graceful grassland battled to the very end but eventually succumbed to powerful, natural forces beyond the season’s control. The unsuspecting landscape was swept into a futile murkiness by an icy gust determined to steal an innocent soul.

The difficult trauma induced by such transitional change can only be overcome by the passage of precious time. The cycle of life is a callous certainty responsible for happiness and heartbreak but in either case we must possess the strength to carry on.

Pleasant reflections

Vivacious elk meadow

Bittersweet memories

An unsuspecting landscape

Graceful grassland

Transitional change

The passage of time

Happiness and heartbreak

The cycle of life

The strength to carry on


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