Diamond Lake - Watercolor

"Diamond Lake" Watercolor

Most of Colorado's gold and silver mines have been played out for years now but there's still a wealth of wonderful scenery that can be found in the high country. Throughout the mountains, above tree line, the Rockies are studded with reservoirs of turquoise blue that shimmer like precious jewels.

Set in the rough and rugged Indian Peaks Wilderness, Diamond Lake is a sparkling gem. Here, a bright light permeates the thin air and transforms the landscape into a rare palette of shiny metallics. Broken by clumps of silvery sedge, the crystal-clear water reflects a unique treasury of earthen elements.

Gullies of crisp, white snow fill the deep cirque with a mother-lode of liquid bronze, copper and emerald. Beyond the golden cliffs, sketchy clouds are beginning to gather. A darkening sky forecasts the predictable thunder showers that occur almost daily at this altitude.

That summer rain, combined with morning sunshine, saturates the valley with a profusion of wildflowers. The beautiful gorge was sculpted by powerful forces struck from the hand of a master craftsman. To attain this destination is expensive, it will cost you some fitness and fortitude but the views from the shoreline are priceless.


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