Wild Iris - Possessing the Gift of Optimism

The optimistic iris

In Evergreen, May showers bring June Flowers. Because it's been such a wet spring, a profusion of wild irises has burst onto the scene. The showy blooms have added a splash of color to the monochrome meadows.

I often see solitary plants, in distant isolation, confined to a windswept field. They also gather into trailside clusters that entice the observant wanderer.

Upon closer inspection, you'll discover a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The design ranges from violet to blue to pure white and my personal favorite, the elegantly pinstriped version.

These lovely flowers spread a contagious optimism. Even on the most dreary of gray days, they possess a special gift for brightening your day as well as your photographs.

May showers bring June flowers

It's been a wet spring

A profusion of wildflowers

They add a splash of color

Confined to windswept fields

A trailside cluster

Different shapes and sizes

Violet irises

They spread optimism

Irises are a gift

They brighten dreary days


  1. Dan, that post brightened up my day! I especially love the shots with the irises in the foreground and the mountains in the background. Very nice perspective. Thanks for your beautiful writing and for sharing your irises with us.

    1. Thanks Donna, I'm sure it's a comical scene - me crawling around in the wet meadow and laying on my back taking pictures in order to get an interesting perspective of those pretty flowers.


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