Lost Lake - Watercolor

"Lost Lake" Watercolor

While wandering around Colorado's Indian Peak Wilderness on a steamy, summer day, we found Lost Lake. Located in a beautiful basin once hailed as El Dorado, the misplaced loch is no myth. Nestled in a slender valley surrounded by magnificent mountains, the isolated tarn is an oasis.

Even during summer, the ochre peaks are still trimmed with a web of white couloirs. Prompted by the clear light, transparent, violet shadows intensify golden hues creating a shimmering effect in the distance. A row of orderly pine is a bastion of spring green concealing the sequestered pond. Brimming with blue water, the soggy shoreline is dotted with yellow flowers.

Discovering the elusive location was a longshot fulfilled. As the region's precious stones were exhausted long ago, the spirited journey was a soul-searching experience. If you ever make it here, you'll discover that Lost Lake is an extraordinary place to find yourself.


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