About Art, Paintings and Drawings - An Interview

"Trout Lake" Colored Pencil

Recently, I had a conversation with my friend Adam Ziemba from Noble Portrait about art, paintings and drawings. Somehow, Adam was able to weave that information together and he published the results of our discussion in an interview format.

It’s always gratifying when someone shows an interest in your creative work so I appreciate Adam’s inquisitive enthusiasm. If you’re interested in learning more about my philosophies of art, photography and nature, please check out Adam’s article.

Prepared by Adam Ziemba

Dan Miller, a top 100 colored-pencil artist, was kind enough to share his experiences with and passion for fine art on our pages of Noble Portrait.

Born to an artistic family in western Nebraska, Dan quickly discovered his lifetime passion for fine arts. Ever since he began with a pencil as a child, he has developed expertise in photography, writing, and oil and acrylic painting. Dan searches and seeks for truth in the world. His inspiration derives from nature, landscapes and wildlife, which truly shows on his many artworks.

In the interview, Dan expands on his education and career path. He talks about some of the most important lessons and most difficult challenges which he encountered on the way to becoming a fine artist. He shares his observations regarding imitating styles of other artists (even most famous art masters like van Gogh, Rembrandt or Dali), as well as painting photo-real portraits. Dan also shares advice with other established and aspiring fine artists.

Please join us for the entire interview “About Art, Paintings and Drawings with Dan Miller”.

Evergreen, Colorado

Nature is inspiring

Photographing the Colorado landscape and beyond


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