Hobbs Peak Park - A Secluded Reserve

Ocelot Cliffs at Hobbs Peak Park

Hobbs Peak Park is a hidden oasis landlocked by surrounding private property. The centerpiece of the secluded reserve is a photogenic rock formation known as the Ocelot Cliffs.

Native Americans revered the unusual landscape, evidenced by arrowheads that can still be found at the sacred site. The place may have been used for ceremonies and other spiritual activities associated with origin stories and oral traditions.

During the 1970’s, the area was a climber’s mecca that attracted adventurers from all across the country. Currently, scaling the cliffs is illegal and if caught, the penalty is as steep as the rock’s south face.

The little piece of land is bursting with wildlife where red foxes roam through the forest while mule deer graze in the meadows. Rumor even has it that a reclusive mountain lion stalks the sequestered woods.

Featuring the Mount Evans Massif, a marvelous vista appears to the west while traversing the park’s narrow spine. Whether seen in the spring or sprinkled with snow, this special area is blessed with beauty during all seasons.

Protective locals are gracious hosts but they clearly hope the hidden gem remains off the radar and who can blame them. It’s pretty nice to have such a pristine wilderness all to yourself.

A hidden oasis

The centerpiece is a photogenic rock

Native Americans revered the unusual landscape

A spiritual place

Meadows are bursting with wildlife

Sequestered woods

Marvelous vista to the west

Beauty during all seasons

A hidden gem

Pristine wilderness


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