Great Blue Heron - A Lanky Waterfowl

Great Blue Heron

On a chilly winter day near Nebraska’s North Platte River, a great blue heron swooped in searching for prey. After a brisk feather-ruffle, it proceeded to patiently stroll along the shoreline of an icy pond.

Sharp eyes scanned the water’s surface for small fish. With its sinewy neck coiled into the shape of an S, the big bird was ready to strike. A long, dagger-like beak would deliver the final death blow.

After an unsuccessful hunt, the lanky waterfowl became annoyed with the uninvited intruder. It promptly straightened up, delivered a harsh croak and soared swiftly to the safety of a nearby cottonwood stand.

A chilly winter day

Searching for prey

Ruffled feathers

Patiently strolling

Sharp eyes

A sinewy neck

Coiled into the shape of an S

An unsuccessful hunt

A lanky waterfowl

Straightened up


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