Bear Creek - A Dicey Waterway

Bear Creek, Colorado

Brought forth from a secluded cirque, Bear Creek is a dicey waterway that rushes right through Evergreen, Colorado. Winter twilight in its namesake canyon is best described as snowy, quiet and cold.

Normally fast-flowing, the little river is partially frozen from prolonged exposure to frigid temperatures. Set along the blurred shoreline, a forest of gnarled cottonwoods creates a tangled web of trunks and branches.

This time of year, the scenic gorge carries more color than you might expect. The perceived intensity of available hues is heightened by the dramatic clash of fiery orange and icy blue.

As the dark walls close in, only the tip of the rugged chasm remains illuminated. With the last light fading fast, an early evening intrudes upon the landscape and expels the frostbitten wanderer.

Sloshing around in this remarkable area, I’ve discovered one thing for sure. The beauty of that little, black creek certainly makes this season’s brutal weather at least somewhat bearable.

Bear Creek Canyon

Winter twilight is quiet and cold

The river is partially frozen

Gnarled trees

A tangled web of trunks and branches

A scenic gorge

A surprising amount of color

Last light fading fast

A remarkable area

The black creek is beautiful


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