Noble Meadow - A Troublesome Gulch

Noble Meadow

Located below Chief Mountain, Noble Meadow is a moody monarch wielding a ruthless demeanor. Especially during winter, the stark grassland expels even the most determined visitor.

This time of year, bad weather born in the big mountains is funneled through the narrow valley. Marching into that icy gale feels as if a thousand, tiny daggers are piercing your skin.

Windblown grasses hiss like a disapproving crowd, heckling the hiker to turn back and go home. Seeing that lonesome, weather-beaten barn, it’s a fitting symbol for this bleak countryside.

Strange clouds are strewn across the cobalt sky. Below, the treacherous trail is no walk in the park as the sweeping, white landscape bears down on you like a freight train.

Sunrise is a dicey subject as murky clouds hang just above the horizon, absorbing most of the warmth. Just a few, thin slits of filtered sunlight radiate across the waves of drifted snow.

Streaming down through the gully, a ribbon of black ice is known as Troublesome Creek. Getting across the soggy bottom is solved by a concrete bridge that spans the problematic gulch.

It’s definitely more enjoyable to stroll through these hills on a warm, summer day but in order to fully comprehend the mountains, you have to contemplate their realm in all conditions.

A moody monarch

A stark grassland

Bad weather is funneled through the valley

A lonesome barn

Bleak countryside

Strange clouds are strewn

A white landscape

Sunrise is a dicey subject

The sunlight is filtered

Troublesome Creek streams through the gully

A bridge spans Troublesome Gulch

Contemplate the mountains in all conditions


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