The Forest's Edge - A Lively Corridor

The forest's edge

Separating two distinct life zones with a broken line, the forest’s edge is a photogenic feature of the mountain domain. It’s an especially striking place during the winter as black conifer trees contrast with the white meadow.

When wandering through the silvery woodland at dusk or dawn, an array of filtered light produces a surprising variety of color. Big peaks dissolve into the misty atmosphere as an approaching storm glazes the landscape with gray.

Beaten by bad weather sweeping through the gully, an old barn is a broken-down structure that’s barely standing. In this unforgiving area, many of the trees are bent and some have even been knocked completely to the ground.

Lots of wildlife can be seen foraging along the lively corridor of aspen, spruce and pine. The elk move effortlessly through this their favorite haunt while the smaller mule deer experiences more difficulty plowing through the deep snow.

After observing the plants and animals that survive up here, you begin to comprehend just how strong they really are. I can’t imagine how arduous it must be, roaming through this wilderness every day living a life always on the edge.

A photogenic feature

A silvery woodland

An approaching storm

An old barn

A broken down structure

An unforgiving area

An aspen corridor

Elk move effortlessly

Deep snow

The animals are strong

Life on the edge


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