Clearing Storm - A White Wilderness

A clearing storm

The morning after a fresh snow, I’m first to enter the white wilderness. Propelled by cautious footsteps, I break a powdery trail through the silver forest.

A sharp breeze sends temperatures plummeting to ten below. My bare hands feel as if they’re frozen solid and my exhaled breath looks like gray smoke.

Around the bend, below a row of bleached aspen, cheerful elk have gathered into an energetic herd. These hardy beasts are built for the cold so they celebrate by bucking, playing and prancing around.

Blue skies begin to show through as the milky sun wrestles with gray clouds. The winner will determine who dominates the local weather forecast.

Winter is a long and difficult season but after the last few days being mired in a gloomy darkness, there’s something comforting about watching a clearing storm.

The morning after fresh snow

A white wilderness

A silver forest

Temperatures plummet

An energetic herd of elk

Bucking and prancing around

A milky sun and gray clouds

Winter is a difficult season

Something comforting about a clearing storm


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