Noble Meadow Barn - A Resilient Landmark

Noble Meadow Barn

Constructed in a narrow gulch, the Noble Meadow Barn is a long-standing structure built to withstand the elements. The resilient landmark is a rustic reminder of the past that’s frequented today by various wildlife.

The exquisite architecture is erected from local timber, blending peacefully into the mountain environment. The wood work harmonizes gracefully with the flowing meadow grasses and broken forest that seeks to reclaim it.

Taking the brunt of arriving storms, the western wall is in shambles from the force of heavy snow. Just like an old bull elk after the rut, the weather-beaten barn makes its lonely winter stand on a windswept hillside.

The humble stronghold is reminiscent of a battered warrior rising from the earth as he’s born with the strength to fight another day. Storms that descend into the slender valley are intense for sure but most of the time the sky is clear, wildflowers abound and bluebirds sing.

Situated on a golden ridge, the insignificant touch of humanity gets lost in the vast wilderness that overwhelms it. Upon careful observation though, the building becomes a compelling element anchoring an iconic expression of the Evergreen landscape.

A long-standing structure

Built to withstand the elements

A resilient landmark

A rustic reminder of the past

Frequented by wildlife

Blending into the mountain environment

Harmonizes with the meadow grasses

Taking the brunt of arriving storms

The western wall is in shambles

The weather-beaten barn

A lonely winter stand

A humble stronghold

The storms are intense

Wildflowers abound

Bluebirds sing

Situated on a golden ridge

Lost in a vast wilderness

An iconic expression of the Evergreen landscape


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