Cold Mountain - A Harsh Wilderness

Bergen Peak is a cold mountain

It’s a frigid morning in Evergreen, Colorado and Bergen Peak forms a dark backdrop, brooding over a lonely meadow. A strange ambiance engulfs the landscape as morning light struggles to leak through the dense atmosphere.

Plastered with a coating of fresh snow, the pine trees are glittering white against the windswept grassland. After the frigid sunrise, lemon-colored clouds swirl ominously across the northern sky.

Ascending the icy slopes is a cautious endeavor achieved during the morning’s daybreak silence. The perilous trail leads seductively into a wonderfully crystallized forest.

I have great reverence for the harsh wilderness and I mostly enjoy being out in the thick of this dour season but today I can’t stop shivering as I gaze quietly upon that cold mountain.

A frigid morning in Evergreen

Brooding over a lonely meadow

A strange ambiance engulfs the landscape

The pine trees are glittering white

Yellow clouds swirl ominously

Daybreak silence

A crystallized forest

Great reverence for a harsh wilderness

A cold mountain


  1. Hi Dan! Your art never ceases to amaze me. The composition and colors are inspiring. They give such a remarkable sense of peace and calmness.

    1. Thanks so much! It's good to hear from you, I hope all is well. We're trying to get through another long, cold winter here but it is pretty after a new snow.


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