Hubbard Mesa - A Surprising Spectacle

Hubbard Mesa at Rifle, Colorado

I’ve travelled all over the backroads of Colorado searching for beautiful places to photograph. Earlier this winter, I stumbled upon a remarkable area that really caught my attention.

If you head north out of Rifle, you’ll discover a unique landscape distinguished by enchanting sunsets. My experience below the staggered mesas of that region was nothing short of surreal.

After a gray day shrouded in mist, the clouds began to recede and the sun started to set. Warm tones mingled with cool tones, resulting in a broad spectrum of colorful twilight.

The muddy desert floor was decorated with patches of piñon pine and splashes of blue sagebrush. Up above, the dark peaks were laced with stripes of white snow.

As the curtain of darkness continued to descend, shafts of filtered light permeated the wide valley. The moist atmosphere hung over the canyon, washing it to a glossy sheen.

I was lucky to be rewarded with such a surprising spectacle after wandering into the wilderness that evening. Standing out there during dusk was a moment of solitude I’ll never forget.

A remarkable area

Heading north out of Rifle

A unique landscape

An enchanting sunset

Below staggered mesas

The region was surreal

The clouds began to recede

Warm tones mingled with cool tones

A colorful twilight

Patches of piñon and sagebrush

The canyon was washed clean

Light was filtered through the valley

A surprising spectacle

Wandering into the wilderness

An unforgettable moment of solitude


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