Morning in the Mountains - A Monochrome Monday

Morning in the mountains

On a frigid morning in the mountains, the dark landscape is coated with a thin layer of sparkling ice. Tired and cold, it's difficult to get going on such a dreary, winter dawn.

By late January, the Front Range foothills are quiet and colorless. On this day things are different as a large herd of elk have gathered in the monochrome meadow.

Strung out along the crest of a wide ridge, cows, yearlings and bulls forage together in the ochre grass. Patches of broken snowpack slide into the narrow draw below.

After such an unusual weather event, the pure-white Evergreens look like crystallized Christmas Trees. In the low light, their grey shadows stretch across the watery gulch.

It's a melancholy Monday but the morning march is a therapeutic necessity. It looks like it's going to be another hectic few days, working for the weekend.

A frigid morning

The dark landscape is covered with ice

A dreary, winter dawn

The foothills are quiet and colorless

A large herd of elk

A monochrome meadow

Patches of broken snowpack

Crystallized trees

A watery gulch

A melancholy Monday


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