Mule Deer Fawns - Innocent Creatures

Twin Mule Deer Fawns

One of the things I love about living in the mountains is observing the abundant wildlife. We routinely see elk and mule deer grazing peacefully around the townsite.

The highlight of every spring is the same, mule deer doe that comes back to the yard and gives birth to twin fawns. They must feel safe in this locale because they stay all summer long.

The fawns are up and moving almost immediately as they follow closely behind their mother. If she leaves the area, the little ones are given strict orders to get down and remain still.

I've seen them lay and remain completely frozen for several hours. When mom returns, the curious fawns pop back up and continue to explore their surroundings.

At such an early age they are extremely vulnerable to numerous predators. Ochre color tones and white spots allow the fawns to blend perfectly into the mountainside.

The tiny creatures seem helpless at first but within a few days they're able to move around very quickly. Just don't let their innocent look fool you.

It won't be long before they're stirring up trouble in the neighborhood - eating flowers, running out in the street and just causing a general ruckus. They kind of remind me of my own, two kids.

The highlight of every Spring

They stay all summer

Following mother closely

They remain still

Exploring their surroundings

They are vulnerable

Ochre colored with white spots

They can move around quickly

Not as innocent as they look

Causing a general ruckus


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