South Table Mountain - The True Frontier

South Table Mountain

During a mid-winter morning on South Table Mountain, the treacherous trail was a muddy mess. Unusually tepid temperatures had triggered rapid snowmelt, softening the dark earth.

Rising out of an authentic western town called Golden, Colorado, the natural turret was a lovely landmark. The steep ascent was distinguished by long switchbacks that snaked across a dormant hillside.

Up on a rounded ridge, yellow grasses blew in a soft breeze and contrasted sharply with the clear, blue sky. Easy to imagine I'd stepped back in time, the peaceful approach was a true frontier experience.

Before reaching the top, a maze of rock spires was situated just below the mesa's wide rim. After a wild week of commitments and work, it was nice to find some free time for a warm, winter's day walk.

A mid-winter morning

Golden, Colorado

The natural turret is a landmark

A dormant hillside

A soft breeze

A peaceful approach

A frontier experience

A maze of rock spires

A warm, winter walk


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