Blue Friday - A Subtle Thaw

Blue Friday

The morning after a dusting of fresh snow, the cold air is filled with an eerie silence. Diffused sunbeams stream through the clearing sky, permeating the forest with an ethereal light.

After slogging through a long week surrounded by a dusky landscape, clouds have parted revealing a blue Friday. It's a wonderful time to be in the mountains enveloped by my favorite color cast.

Swirling, pale pine are scattered throughout the meadow offering a fine foreground below Bergen Peak. The cool tones are usually reserved for a more somber setting but on this day, they express a joyful mood.

A subtle thaw has occurred as songbirds gradually appear and ice-covered lakes start to crack open. Enjoy the white wilderness while you can because the mud season is about to begin.

Morning after a fresh snow

Cold air

An eerie silence

Sunlight beams through a clearing sky

An ethereal light

Pale pine are scattered throughout the meadow

A fine foreground below Bergen Peak

Cool color tones

A joyful mood

A subtle thaw has occurred

Enjoy the white wilderness


  1. An ethereal light is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Dan!

    1. Thanks Adam! Such a unique morning, it was an amazing sight with the meadow frosted over during the first light.


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