Sisters Pass - Perfect Solitude

Sisters Trail

West of Evergeen there’s a long ridge of rocky outcrops that divides Dedisse Park from Buffalo Park. The local landmark is known as the Three Sisters because of the prominent spires that rise out of the unique formation.

Scrambling the steep Sisters Trail all the way to the top of the pass is a breathtaking endeavor. During a recent evening-excursion, it was particularly dark and cold as a winter storm was approaching from the west.

Mired in deep snow, the forest was so gloomy that not even the groves of white aspen could brighten the way. Finally above tree line, a panorama of purple mountains and pink skies receded into the distance.

I was expecting to take an ordinary outing so I was surprised to confront such a dramatic twilight. Traipsing around the mountainside after dark is an eerie experience but if you can overcome your apprehension, you’ll discover that a certain solitude found only at night is perfect - just perfect.

Dedisse Park

Scrambling the steep Sisters Trail

A winter storm was approaching

Mired in deep snow

Not even aspen could brighten the way

Purple mountains and a pink sky

An ordinary outing

Dramatic twilight

An eerie experience

Perfect Solitude


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