Cub Creek Park - A Quaint Woodland

Cub Creek Park

Drifting down out of Brook Forest, Cub Creek is a docile stream graced with a friendly disposition. Cut through a quaint woodland, the usually lively stream has been constrained to a trickle this time of year.

Sitting still in the crook of a wide s-curve, the shallow ravine is more like a reflecting pool than a restless torrent. The smooth pond of clear water mirrors the local arrangement with surprising clarity.

A discreet canyon covered with towering pine and spruce encompasses the winding waterway. While wandering along the wide rim, the setting sun's warm rays penetrate the forest's dark interior.

The quiet countryside is suffused with peaceful solitude so it's the perfect place to escape from a chaotic life. Adding to the ambiance, a solitary mule deer has secured a secluded break in the hillside where he grazes with a purpose.

Wishing this belt of paradise would never end, the excursion concludes at the tributary's terminus where it joins Bear Creek just above town. I'm already looking forward to a return to this wilderness where next time maybe I'll get lost and never be found.

A quaint woodland

A reflecting pool

Towering spruce and pine

A discreet canyon

The setting sun

A quiet countryside

Mule deer

I could get lost here


  1. I love the serenity of Cub Creek park.Its a must go place for the lover of nature.I will surely visit this place when ever I get a chance.


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