Pass Lakes - A Picture of Perfection

Pass Lakes, Colorado

The ascent begins in the foothills and gradually transforms into an alpine environment where only the strong can survive. Ultimately, the wide open wilderness emerges from a dense woodland called Arapaho National Forest.

High on the Continental Divide, a trio of cobalt-colored lakes dot the tundra landscape. The shimmering, blue jewels are set in a spectacular, flower-filled basin just below the summit of Loveland Pass.

Taking place above tree line, a ring of purple peaks towers over the scenic cirque. Fixed boulders have cascaded onto the plain in a random arrangement, forming a nice foreground for a picture of Colorado perfection.

As beautiful as anywhere in the state, the convenient locale sits smack in the middle between bustling ski resorts. A persistent jaunt will lead you away from the pack and into a paradise of mountainous proportions.

After spending such a glorious day so close to the sun, it's hard to imagine that in a couple of months this place will be buried under deep snow. It's still summer in the lowlands but up here the cool air and swept grasses indicate that a drastic change is blowing in the wind.

Arapahoe National Forest

Cobalt lakes dot the tundra landscape

A flower-filled basin

Just below Loveland Pass

Purple peaks

A scenic cirque

A cascade of boulders

Colorado perfection

A beautiful locale

Mountainous paradise

Windswept grasses


  1. A great beauty of nature can be seen in Cub Creek Park. All the pictures you have posted is super amazing and breathtaking. Great share


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