Founders Trail - A Gradual Transition

Dispersing clouds over Bergen Peak

On an early morning in Colorado's Front Range foothills, Founders Trail was blurred in a haze of smokey fog. Dawn broke dark and cold because the sun's warm rays struggled to reach the earth's shrouded surface.

As the day progressed, a west wind was funneled through the pass, dispersing the clouds into tufts of transparent mist. The bleak atmosphere was fractured and translucent beams created a curious pattern of dark and light across the orange meadow.

With the low-lying areas swept clean, only the mountains were embroiled in a tussle with overcast weather. Big peaks braced for action as they pierced the gray blanket while crowning a landscape reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings.

Look closely and you'll see that Mother Nature is making slight changes that are fueled by the rhythm of shifting seasons. Autumn is approaching just as gradually as the last storm that has now receded.

About the same time that the cyan sky broke clear, bluebirds and butterflies appeared en masse during their remarkable migration. As far as the winged travelers are concerned, it's a worrisome transition - I hope they make it home safely.

Dawn broke dark and cold

Wind was funneled through the pass

The clouds were dispersed

Curious patterns of dark and light

An orange meadow

A Lord of the Rings landscape

Shifting seasons

Autumn is approaching gradually

A cyan sky broke clear


and butterflies


  1. Such a wonderful place with so much greenery and the enviromemnt is so calm there. I just wish I could visit this place too once in my life.

    1. It's a beautiful place, you would love it. Thanks!

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