April Snow Showers - A Drenched Landscape

April snow showers

The wind finally finished whipping through the foothills but now the local climate has become a monsoon. A disruptive rain/snow mix is settled over the Front Range but the much needed moisture has been a godsend.

The warmer temps create a heavy slush that pours down out of the gray sky. Day after day, the thirsty landscape is drenched and the dry gullies transformed into a deluge of cold runoff.

A blurry curtain of drizzled atmosphere has softened nature’s edges and the big mountains have all but disappeared. Not as monochrome as during a winter storm, the forest still sparkles with a bit of spring color.

The birds don’t like the dreary weather so many of them have retreated into comfortable seclusion. I still see robins as they seem to tolerate the cold by fluffing up while hunting for worms.

There is one animal up here that thrives under such miserable conditions. Elk are built for the harsh elements so they happily graze, gallop and buck across the soggy meadows.

On a more positive note, all the moisture from the last couple of weeks should green up the countryside and reduce the risk of fire. Also, I’m hoping these April snow showers will ignite a profusion of May wildflowers.

A rain/snow mix

The landscape is drenched

A blurry curtain of drizzled atmosphere

The forest sparkles with color

Elk are built for the harsh elements

They gallop across the meadow


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