Noble Meadow Loop - The Windy Season

Noble Meadow

I’m enjoying our warmer temperatures but if it gets too hot, I feel uncomfortable. I actually don’t mind the wet and cold so I savor being out in stormy weather observing the wonderful lighting effects.

I can stand the heat and certainly the chill but there’s one annoying element that drives me crazy and indoors. It’s the ferocious west wind that whips down from the white mountains and batters the foothills.

The raging mistral is making its annual appearance as its the driving force ushering in spring. The windy season usually lasts for a couple of weeks but this year it seems to have been blowing for more than a month.

Every morning the early light is blemished by a murky haze that veils the normally blue sky. The relentless gale has disrupted the peaceful atmosphere causing the local wildlife to be constantly on edge.

The unstoppable breeze is born in the big peaks and funneled down through Noble Meadow like a runaway locomotive. You can find some relief by rerouting through a calm sanctuary of protective pine trees.

The tempest does serve a purpose, though, by removing dried grasses and broken branches while preparing the earth for new growth. I get that it’s an integral part of nature as it plays a crucial role in sculpting the landscape but I’m getting pretty tired of the wind.

The windy season

A murky haze

The peaceful atmosphere is disrupted

The local wildlife is on edge

The breeze is funneled through the meadow

Protective pine trees


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