Easter Snowstorm - A Bad Dream

Easter snowfall

After a few weeks of beautiful weather in Bridgeport, Nebraska, things turned ugly in a hurry. Mother Nature made a fool out of anyone who thought spring was here for good.

Saturday night was no joke as the Great Plains was buried under six inches of heavy, wet snow. The flakes came down like rain and covered the hills, trees and corn.

The west pasture was completely white except for a swath of blue creek that wound its way through the prairie. The stream flowed freely until reaching a fresh beaver dam that diverted the water, flooding nearby fields.

The migrating birds were stunned by such drastic weather changes but the bucket calves seemed perfectly content. So much moisture will give a big boost to the farmer’s first crops being planted this season.

By Sunday afternoon, the sky cleared and a warm sun melted most of the accumulation. For a few days there will be a bit of ice and lots of mud but by the end of the week, the landscape will reawaken and this event will be remembered as nothing but a bad dream.

Buried under snow

Snow covered the hills, trees and corn

The pasture was white

A winding creek

The stream flows freely

Contented bucket calves

The moisture will boost crops

The landscape will reawaken


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