Bison Trail - That Damned Canyon

Toadstool Geologic Park

Banished to the remote northwest corner of Nebraska, Toadstool Geologic Park is a land that time forgot. Treking through these rugged badlands is treacherous, tiring and hotter than hell.

Bison Trail begins at the Hudson-Meng archaeological dig site and gently traverses a vast, grassland prairie. A hidden entrance into the gorge appears suddenly and the steep descent is like a gateway to Gehenna.

Once inside the abyss, a maze of sidetracks, slots and secret passageways will tempt the explorer to stray from the true path. Continue on this journey to the center of the earth and the scenery becomes even more spectacular.

Down at the bottom, you’re surrounded by a devil's playground of balancing rocks, sandstone spires and perfect pyramids. It’s useless to resist some slight wanderings but a successful escape from this lonely planet depends on a hasty retreat.

It’s an uphill climb all the way and the battle begins with your first step back. During the strenuous stretch run, you’ll have to dig deep and huff and puff to reach the elusive rim.

Once on the outside, thoughts of comfort will flow freely. God may have forsaken this place long ago but after our intimate encounter with it, we’ve come to cherish our everlasting memories of hiking in that damned canyon.

A remote corner of Nebraska

A land that time forgot

Rugged badlands

Hudson-Meng dig site

A vast, grassland prairie

A gateway to Gehenna

Journey to the center of the earth

The scenery is spectacular

A devil's playground

Sandstone spires and perfect pyramids

A lonely planet

The battle back begins

Cherished memories

That damned canyon


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