Northport Canal - A Fleeting Journey

The Northport Canal

On a warm summer evening in western Nebraska, wandering along the Northport canal is simply wonderful. Cut through an infinite prairie of yellow grass, the winding waterway satisfies thirsty crops.

Drifting by unnoticed, storm clouds pass silently over the vast Sandhills. Still standing in the secluded pasture, an abandoned homestead seems like an idyllic place.

The rickety windmill looks like it works but the rest is in ruins. Grazing on the neglected grounds, cattle are curious about our unexpected appearance but mostly they’re content to chew cud.

Western kingbirds hold court in the blue grasses that border the slow-moving stream. Around the bend, a great blue heron is startled by strangers and vanishes into the distance like a grey ghost.

As the setting sun drenches the landscape with golden light, this glorious day comes to an end. Like the fleeting journey in Pilgrim’s Progress, so perfect is this peaceable kingdom that it must be a dream.

Though we walk in the darkness of that shadowy valley, we are not afraid. Hopefully, Heaven will be just like this because I could definitely stay here for all eternity.

Cut through an infinite prairie

Storm clouds pass silently

The homestead looks idyllic

The windmill works

Western Kingbird

The landscape is drenched in golden light

A peaceable kingdom

A shadowy valley

Just like heaven


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