Zion Canyon - A Pleasant Pilgrimage

Zion National Park

Carved out of the Colorado Plateau by powerful erosive forces, Zion Canyon is difficult to describe with words. Luckily, I found out that the lovely landscape is photogenic from every possible angle.

Insulated from the surrounding desert, the deep corridor of rock towers and hanging gardens is enriched by the Virgin River. It’s a long pilgrimage to get there but reaching the righteous ravine is a religious experience.

Early settlers must have agreed as they labeled the most impressive landmarks with biblical names like Court of the Patriarchs, Altar of Sacrifice and Angels Landing. No wonder the place is a Mecca for hikers from all over the world.

Well-worn trails are woven throughout the National Park but at the north-end Narrows, wading through water is the only way. Splashing through the slot canyon is wet and wild but keep your fingers crossed for no flash flood.

Being there on a bad weather day, really brings out the best. If the astonishing beauty doesn’t take your breath away, then climbing up to the rim in the rain certainly will.

Obtaining an overlook above the clouds demands a maximum effort. Standing on that perilous edge soaked and cold may dampen your body but absorbing the surreal atmosphere from the top will ignite your soul.

Zion Canyon is difficult to describe

The landscape is photogenic from every angle

A deep corridor of rock towers

The Virgin River

A righteous ravine

Court of the Patriarchs

Angel's Landing

A Mecca for hikers

The Zion Narrows

Wading through water is the only way

The gorge is wet and wild

A bad weather day

Astonishing beauty

Soaked and cold

The atmosphere will ignite your soul


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