Salt Lake Temple - An Uplifting Experience

The Salt Lake Temple

Fleeing from religious persecution, Brigham Young gathered his followers and led an exodus of Mormons into the American desert. They wandered over the Wasatch Mountains and settled in the isolated Salt Lake Valley (July 1847) where they hoped to build a New Jerusalem.

Upon their arrival, the pioneers promptly began construction of the Temple (February 1853) and it took almost exactly 40 years to finish. The pious palace is designed to be a portal to heaven and a place where believers can communicate with the Lord.

Salt Lake Temple is the centerpiece of Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah and it’s an international symbol of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The actual Temple building is closed to the public and LDS Church members may only enter if they’ve earned a special certificate called a Temple Recommend.

The square, however, is accessible to all and visitors are encouraged to thoroughly explore the rest of the gorgeous grounds. The sacred site features a fascinating mix of exotic plants, dazzling fountains, bronze sculptures and ornate architecture.

Clear light is filtered through a translucent canopy of fragrant maple trees and the allegorical water features are simply wonderful. Meant to be a peaceful place for strolling, resting and meditating, the Temple Gardens are filled with colorful flowers from all over the world.

Missionaries at the Temple Square were gracious hosts and they offered special insight into the church’s distinct history. Regardless of your religious affiliation, you’ll discover that visiting the Salt Lake Temple Square is a unique and uplifting experience.

A pious palace

The centerpiece of Temple Square

An international symbol of the LDS Church

The grounds are accessible to all

A mix of exotic plants

Bronze sculptures

Ornate architecture

Colorful flowers

A peaceful place

Visiting the site is an uplifting experience


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