Elk in the Meadow - Emanating Tranquility

Elk in the Meadow

It’s a crisp spring evening and a modest herd of scraggly elk has emerged from the woodland to forage in the meadow. The sun’s rays are strained through a thin veil of clouds creating a milky haze that softens sharp edges.

The wild animals are scattered across the hillside, their dark silhouettes observed in all manner of activity. Most are grazing contentedly but a few are on the move and a couple are curious about the stranger who has invaded their habitat.

Intermingled with the furry, brown beasts is a flock of mountain bluebirds who sweep about nervously, their plumage glowing brightly in the low light. It’s an idyllic scene emanating tranquility and the spirit of optimism as this new season cautiously begins.

Foraging in the meadow

Mountain bluebirds intermingle

Wild animals

Scattered across the hillside

Dark silhouettes

An idyllic scene

Curious about the stranger

Spirit of optimism


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