Flatirons Overlook - A Powerful Impression

Flatirons Overlook

After a seemingly endless week of bitter cold and unrelenting snow, the fog has lifted revealing a pristine landscape plastered with white powder. Seen from a lofty overlook, Boulder’s mighty Flatirons glitter beautifully in the late morning light.

The unusual peaks rise vertically from the end of the receding valley where their sharp shapes are jigsawed into the distant horizon. Streaming across the blue sky, the clouds explode like fireworks celebrating the sun’s triumphant return.

There is just enough saturation to make this vivid scene succeed but a more monochrome reflection might add drama to the already spectacular tableau. Processing the pictures in order to express the power of the impression is almost as interesting as experiencing the place in person.

A pristine landscape

Late morning light

A spectacular tableau

A monochrome reflection

A powerful impression

Clouds explode like fireworks


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