Grizzly Creek - A Resilient Watershed

Grizzly Creek

Smack dab in the middle of spectacular Glenwood Canyon, Grizzly Creek tumbles down out of the wilderness and collided with the Colorado River. The beautiful confluence occurs within the sheer walls of steep cliffs adorned by a variety of high country botanicals.

The rocky creek bed is a complicated conglomeration of boulders, snags and whitewater, revealing an array of sights, sounds and textures. A far away mesa dominates the view but its full profile is partially obscured by the imposing evergreens that tower above the pathway.

The scene of last summer’s devastating fire, the scars are still visible but the burn zone is beginning to blend into the vigorous greenery, concealing the catastrophe. Even after such an awful disaster, the watershed remains resilient as Mother Nature has begun to heal her wounds.

A spectacular canyon

Out of the wilderness

Evergreens tower above

High country botanicals

Beginning to heal

A complicated conglomeration

An array of sights, sounds and textures

A beautiful confluence

A mesa dominates the view

A resilient watershed


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