Utah Desert - A Lonely Landscape

The Utah desert

Eastern Utah’s vast desert country is a lonely landscape that appears to be devoid of any type of life. The treeless terrain is tinted yellow as the otherworldly environment of rock and dirt exhibits a certain stark beauty.

Forming a rigid backdrop, a range of striated book cliffs punches into a boundless, blue sky. Anything but flat, the trails are a rollercoaster of ups and downs, offering panoramic views from the summits of sandy overlooks.

Utah is an absolutely gorgeous state with some of its most spectaculars places preserved as National Parks. Passing through this arid backcountry may seem dull at first but if you look closely, there is an understated charm in the vast expanse of hazy buttes painted with colors of soft pastel.

A lonely landscape

Treeless terrain

Panoramic views

Stark beauty

Understated charm


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